Top Ten Rank: 1
Monthly Price: from $2.37
Diskspace: unlimited SSD
Bandwidth: unlimited
Number of shared packages: 3
Setup: Free

Overview has been working on the European hosting market since 2015. The team of do their best to provide the top quality service to their customers as it’s the central core they follow. During this time the company presented high rates of development.

At present this hosting provider offers 3 packages of shared web hosting, which sounds like incredible deals. They developed two unlimited hosting packages and cancelled all the price rates. All is simple: three plans for 3 types of customers. However, provides generous discounts and offers you to save a good deal of cash, so these guys intentionally have developed a pricing scale depending on the payment period you select. Maximum discount you can get for 3-years payment.


As we mentioned above offers two unlimited hosting plans and one singledomain price killing package. The Unlimited includes unlimited web storage,  unlimited data transfer + up to 20 different domains. Ordering their plan with 1 year+ payment period you will get a Free Domain.

The Unlimited powered by Linux allows you to create up to 20 domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited databases, up to 50 e-mail accounts, unlimited e-mail forwarders/autoresponders/aliases/ etc.

Linux platform provides you with such development tools as PHP 7 (with Zend Optimizer), MySQL, Perl, Python, SSI, hot RoR (Ruby-on-Rails) technology and other industry standard Linux facilities. give their customers the flexibility and independency to customize sites’ settings, because they provide .htaccess support, Apache handlers support, MIME types editor, password protected directories, error pages editor, etc. As they say “our customers have all the tools to make their on-line presence successful”.

Control Panels offer their clients the most popular and feature-rich administration panel cPanel. Their control panels allow you to do all the necessary hosting manipulations.

For the Linux-based Unlimited plan they choose cPanel solution as it is the most stable and reliable Linux control panel in the industry. Using cPanel you will be able to easily set up individual Cron Jobs, POP3 accounts, MySQL databases, FTP accounts and so on. File Manager, integrated with cPanel, allows you to create and manage files and directories. It can also be used to set access permissions or compress&extract archives. cPanel has a user-friendly interface and is extremely intuitive even for newbies .

In brief, have striven beforehand to simplify your efforts that makes day-to-day routing tasks a breeze.

Web Hosting Support

Hostovita provide round the clock technical support. You can choose to submit a trouble ticket or just e-mail them in case you have any hosting questions. You can also address billing and sales stuff if you have some ‘monetary issues’. The company prepared a wide range of flash tutorials in their Blog which will help you to deal with common hosting difficulties. It may be considered as a kind of video FAQ, which is specifically created for beginners.

Some More Advantages

Free Domain. Ordering their Unlimited plans you will obtain a free domain name.

Double Back-Up. It is set up that customers’ data are back up twice. Once – every night (server’s quiet time) and also weekly (usually on weekends) backups are done. This backup method allows to keep customers’ data up-to-date. Also backups were stored in two different locations to higher efficiency.


Hostovita are aimed to offer their customers only feature-rich yet affordable hosting solutions. They do provide well-trained and experienced technical support and client care; and they do provide a high-speed redundant network as well as top quality bandwidth. Think it’s one of the most advanced hosts on the market.

Visit Hostovita`s Site to know more

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