What should I consider when choosing a cheap hosting account?

The present days more and more people realize how convenient and necessary it is to provide their presence in the Internet. In case you are one of them and strive to join the every day increasing Internet community but don’t know how, this article is for you.

Step 1 – Creating your web site

After you decided what kind of activity you are to provide and want it to be known by as many people as possible – create a web site to place it in the Internet. You can do it by means of applying to professional design studious or do it yourself. But there’s a perfect solution in case previous ones are not suitable for you. Many web hosting companies now offer Site Studious, which are to create your own professional looking web site effortless.

Step 2 – Domain registration

In case you prefer to register your domain name yourself you must get permission from InterNIC (The Internet’s Network Information Centre) for registering your domain name.

Check if there’s such name existing with the InterNIC query tool myName.com.

Ones you’ve found the name you need fill in either the on-line form or the e-mail form provided by InterNIC.

After submitting the InterNIC application arrange the DNS (Domain Name System) for your domain, which is ready when InterNIC considered your request. After the process is over you receive a notice that your email was received and you can check your domain name status afterwards.

To save you from all the possible difficulties many web hosting companies today provide such service as Domain registration. All you have to do is to figure out what the main domain name is suitable for you and the rest of the work will be done by the web hosting company.

One more decision you have to make is choose the domain extension. There are several of them, such as:

  • .com that is the most widely used in the world and represents the word “commercial
  • .net extension is mostly used by Internet service providers or the ones that are directly involved in the Internet infrastructure.
  • .org represents the word “organization,” and is primarily used by non-profits groups or trade associations.
  • .biz is used for small business Web sites
  • .info is for credible resource Web sites and signifies a “resource” web site. It’s the most popular extension beyond .com, .net and .org./li>
  • .name, which is the only domain extension that was specially designed for personal use. It is used for e-mail addresses and personal web sites that display photos or personal information about an individual.

There are many other extensions, such as ones that show your geographic position. So depending on what you are planning to do you can choose any valuable domain name and its extension.

Step 3 – Choosing a web hosting company

Today there are lots of web hosting companies that provide similar web hosting tools and solutions so it might be a big problem to choose one of them. To make a right choice there are several aspects you should take into your consideration.

First, you should identify the reliability of the web hosting company so that wouldn’t appear to be a one-day hoster. You can do it by means of taking part in Forums that are often available on the web hosting companies’ sites. There you can get unbiased opinions of the company customers or communicate with the company staff

Another aspect that will play a vital role in your further Internet presence is Support that is being provided by the web hosting company. As you might have some problems, especially in case you just begin to discover the possibilities of web hosting, this would be of big significance.

You should find out if the company “Live support”, such as Live Chat, Telephone or Forums are available 24/7/365. You’ll also assess availability of FAQs (Frequently asked questions), Tutorials and some other “help tools” that will provide you with answers to some general questions, which you might to know.

Check if the company provides an Uptime guarantee that means in case the hosting company registers the server downtime of some percentage during a month, you’ll get a prorated credit issued from the company.

The Money Back Guarantee is the most popular one and it’s being offered by most of the web hosters. This means that in case within certain period you realize that for some reasons the web hosting company doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you’ll get refund.

Another thing that is very important is the company’s Connection to the Internet. Most of reliable hosters have two connections to the Internet so in case of one line getting cut you will not experience downtime.

Step 4 – Choosing the right package

As you’ve studied the web hosting market and chose the web hosting company you need to choose one of the packages offered that would perfectly correspond with your needs. To do this you should first identify what resources you might require.

The size of Disk space you need for your site will depend on its characteristics. Large web sites and the ones that contain photos, extensive use of video or audio will require more disk space then ones that contain mostly text information. Bandwidth will depend on how much data you’re planning to transfer to your visitors and it usually increases as the disk space does.

After you identified your main requirements consider that there are several web hosting solutions. The main ones virtual (shared), dedicated and VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server).

Virtual (Shared) web hosting is the kind of web hosting service that means hosting a certain amount of sites on the same physical server. All the clients use same operating system, software and bandwidth. This web hosting is perfect for small-to-medium businesses as it doesn’t require much funds and specific knowledge.

The VPS means that one physical server is being divided into several independent virtual servers. You have your own independent operating system, which you can choose and configure in the way you prefer. The VPS characteristics are mostly alike with Dedicated web hosting.

Dedicated Web hosting means your web site is placed on the server which totally belongs to you and you don’t have to share it with anybody else. In this case you receive large Disk space. It’s the most expensive web hosting solutions but if you have enough funds and planning to have a big web site that would be is a perfect solution for you.

We are glad to greet you in the wide spread Internet community. And wish your Internet presence to be as efficient as possible with no problems concerning your web site running or providing your ecommerce.