Top Ten Rank: 2
Monthly Price: $3.95-$7.95
Diskspace: 100 – 300 GB
Bandwidth: 1 – 3 TB
Number of shared packages: 3
Setup: None


The FastNext is a team of creative and inventive professionals who do their best to develop new hosting solutions as well as provide fabulous quality service. Its mission is to make web hosting affordable while providing their customers with the outstanding support as well as the fast and reliable network, thus giving the taste of the fast hosting!

The FastNext has already upgraded all their servers to AMD Opterons that use 64-bit Linux operating system in order to provide our customers with the fastest platforms available. Customers’ data is stored on the RAID-10 array that survives up to 2 HDDs failures without service interruption. They invest in development of the new software like MultiManager, Double backup, etc.

The FastNext’s datacenter resides in Clifton, NJ. It is fitted out with high-end equipment. They occupy 55,000 sq ft of pure datacenter floor space. It was carefully planned and developed in conformity with all requirements as for cooling, generators, UPS’s, secondary generators, fire suppression, and much, much more. Their datacenter is monitored 24/7/365 by an overlapping array of CCTV cameras and datacenter entry is secured by both biometric and card key access.

The FastNext owns all its servers and they are tailored specially to its needs. They fully benefit from the 64-bit technology using ADM Dual Opteron servers 248 or 250 CPUs powered by 64 bit CentOS Enterprise Linux. The servers have at least 2GB RAM and multiple hard drives in RAID 10 configuration. Servers run industry standard software. FastNext runs Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl etc.

The FastNext provides hosting service for different rank of customers. Its shared hosting packages are always competitive, reseller – profitable and VPS – powerful. The FastNext is aware that managing customers’ accounts on the modern servers is not enough, that is why they choose software to perfectly meet all hosting needs and develop their own.


FastNext provides 3 shared hosting plans STARTER, SPECIAL, UNLIMITED.All the plans provide you with large Disk Space and Bandwidth. The smallest one is STARTER with provides you with 100 GB of web space, 1 TB of bandwidth, 1 Hosted Domain and 100 Mail Accounts. SPECIAL plan provides you with 200 GB of web space, 2 TB of bandwidth, 20 Hosted Domains and Unlimited Mail Accounts. The biggest shared hosting plan is UNLIMITED wich goes with 300 GB of web space, 3 TB of bandwidth, Unlimited Hosted Domains and Unlimited Mail Accounts.

All these plans grant unlimited Parked Domains, Subdomains, MySQL Databases, PostrgeSQL Databases (on Request), Additional FTP Accounts. Moreover these plans include cPanel Control Panel, Nightly Backups, 24/7 Tech Support.

All reseller plans are Private Label, that is all servers are absolutely anonymous. With FastNext every single day your customers will receive extremely professional hosting service and even will not guess that you are the reseller of FastNext. Private name-servers: & will give you the look of an Independent Web-Hosting Company; leaving us completely in the background.

With each reseller account FastNext provides 2 web-based control interfaces. With Web Host Manager (WHM) you can easily create and manage your customers’ accounts, add/remove accounts on a server, park or redirect domains, control bandwidth, disk space, etc. Using cPanel Control Panel as end-user solution will give you the advantage above competitors in as much as it is the most popular hosting control panel in the industry.

Web Hosting Support

With FastNext you can receive support from the company stuff in a various ways, which is available 24/7/365.

You can Submit a Ticket to receive any necessary information. There’s also a Live chat for your use in case you need to get tips on solving your problem as fast as it’s possible. You can also call to tech support using one of the following phone numbers: 1-(888)-9-FASTNEXT or 1-(973)-333-4826.

FastNext also prepared a wide range of Tutorials. There are tutorials considering your work with Cpanel, WHM, Helm and Helm for resellers, FTP and osCommerce. The tutorials will supply you with all the necessary information of your work with email, domains, databases and many others.

Affiliate program

FastNext provides you with a possibility to earn some money by means of joining its affiliate program. The company guarantees all the necessary support on your collaboration. You can earn $25.00 or 50% (whatever is greater) for the sale.

Visit FastNext’s Site to know more

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