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Top Ten Rank:  5
Monthly Price: Quarterly $7.95/mo. -10% discount
Diskspace: 15 000 MB
Bandwidth: 500 MB mounthly
Number of shared packages: 15
Setup: None


midPhase is one of the fastest growing web hosting companies, and with good reason. Not only do they offer unmetered bandwidth and data transfer, but they are financially solid, they own all of their own equipment and hardwares which they house is a top tier facility, and they have a well-earned reputation for network reliability. Combine that with competitively priced offerings and you have a big winner. Their plans include access to raw logs, JSP support, free shopping carts, unlimited MySQL databases, toll-free customer service, an online community, and a proprietary site builder, in addition to the usual developer tools. midPhase is a great choice. Oh yeah, they also host my site

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"A very tasty package." - Groundzero

Customer Testimonials

"Not only do they give superb service to their customers when they've joined, but they you get this before you even sign up. I've sites with several hosts, and this is by far the best, because you are treated as real people, and not just another customer." -- Dave K., Chicago, IL "You have always been fast, you have always gone beyond my expectations as a service provider. Thank you. You are also very patient (for people who don't know much about these things) which is another plus." -- Earl M., Dickinson, NY

What midPhase Says

midPhase has invested a considerable amount of time and money into developing an ideal hosting platform for both small businesses and individuals. From developing proprietary web-site builder software (SimpleSite Wizard,) to offering high allowances for disk space and monthly data transfer, midPhase is confident that our service can meet the needs of a very wide range of customers. Currently, midPhase services client websites ranging from web-based shopping portals, to websites dedicated to wedding photography, and everything that falls in-between -- in over 140 countries around the world!

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