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Top Ten Rank: 8
Rating: 10
Monthly Price: $6.95 - $18.95
Diskspace: 1000-5000 GB
Bandwidth: 1-2 TB
Number of shared packages: 2
Setup: Free

The company was founded by the initiator of Internet Communications - Ben R. Neumann in 2001. Since that time Globat has been one of the most strategically important web hosting companies in the USA. First of all it has become famous for its qualified and reliable service, solicitous and careful attitude to customers.

Thanks to creative and professional stuff the company's business develops very quickly. Professionals upgrade and improve the company's offers all the time.


Globat is the Web hosting provider that provides affordable Web hosting packages with free domain hosting. Web hosting company provides cheap Linux web hosting plans, order image hosting, PHP & MySQL hosting or your e-commerce hosting. Besides the company provides affiliate and reseller programs.

Globat offers 2 shared plans: TeraByte Xtreme Web Hosting and TeraByte XS. So, lets compare them: the fee for TeraByte Xtreme is $ 6.95/month while the TeraByte XS prise- $ 18.95/month. TeraByte Xtreme offers 1000 GB (1 TB) of disk space and 1000 GB (1 TB) of data transfer; TeraByte XS suggests 5000 GB (5 TB) of storage and 2000 GB (2 TB) of bandwidth.TeraByte Xtreme has 3 MySQL Databases; as to TeraByte XS, it offers 10 MySQL Databases.TeraByte Xtreme hosts 10 domains on 1 account whereas TeraByte XS hosts 100 domains on 1 account.

Both plans offer unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited web mail accounts, 1-year money-back guarantee, free 24/7/365 phone and chat support.

More advantages

Among other important features we can mark out the following: free Setup, forever free domain, free DomainPrivacyGuard, free GloBlog, free Globat Photo Gallery, free GloBuild, free PromoPak, free videoEgg software, free e-commerce, SSL included. As for TeraByte XS it offers unlimited subdomains, shopSite Starter Ultra 100 Included and Merchant Account Ready in addition.

All packages also include the shared SSL access to enable secure connections for any application your web site may have.


If one faces with some questions (problems) and absence of time to solve it, the live chart can be used. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Other support options include a support ticket system where you can fill in a form describing your problem or question and one of Globat's highly trained technical supports will help you.


Thanks to the excellent reputation, affordable (pliant) prices and qualitative technical support, nowadays nearly 100,000 customers worldwide enjoy benefits of the company. Globat is a fast growing company the main aim of which is to meet the costumers' needs.

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