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Top Ten Rank:  4
Monthly Price: $9.25- $19.25
Diskspace: 5000 -20 000 Mb
Bandwidth: 100 000 - 400 000 Mb/month
Number of shared packages: 5
Setup: None


Avahost is a highly developed hosting company situated in Huston, Texas, the USA. Since 2001 it has been providing its web hosting services for personal web sites and small – to –medium sized businesses.

The company uses the latest technology to keep its clients satisfied. Avahost can provide you with all the possibilities to make your e- commerce as efficient as possible.

In May 2004 Avahost had already contained over 20.000 Windows and Linux web servers which is the best recommendation for the company possible.


Avahost has plans that can satisfy needs of a wide range of the company costumers. There are four plans - Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Advanced Plan, Platinum Plan.

The disc space plan characteristic ranges from 5000 MB for the smallest plan, which is the Basic Plan, to 20 000 MB that goes with the Platium Plan.

The plans differ in the provided e-mail services like e- mail autoresponders, mailing lists and forwarding which are available in the unrestricted amount for Premium and Platinum plans, unlike two other plans for which its amount is limited.

Avahost plans are not too different from each other and the key options are available with any of them. All the plans include Web based e-mail that allows you to access your e-mail accounts or send a letter from your e-mail account without being at your own computer.

With each plan you are given a possibility to create your own domain and have some additional ones but only in the amount available for the plan you selected.

The scripting language possible to use in Avahost web hosting plans is PHP and programming languages which are Perl and Python.

As Avahost products and services are mainly small businesses targeted and the plans have no cardinal differences, Plus Plan can be your perfect choice. It has all the specifications as other ones. It is supplied with daily backup of the user’s data, has Anti Spam features which can make your activity more comfortable. The plan includes a fast, multi-user, robust structured query language database server MySQL DB which allows you to access and man the stored data. There’s also PHP My Admin installed and Web statistic available for your use so you could find out how your site “is doing.

Web Hosting Support

In case you have some problems with your Internet presence you can get a qualified help from the company stuff. Web Hosting Support is being provided only in several ways. The company has no phone number to contact in case of emergency. Though the available ways of getting help are well functioning and can provide you with some tips on your work.

Support Pages of Avahost will provide you with all the necessary information made as video tutorials. The information placed in this help- list contains answers to the questions of creating a subdomain, e-mail account, or an Auto Responder.

You can also submit a request with using the Help Desk System. That gives you an opportunity to contact the Avahost stuff in case you haven’t found answers to your questions in Technical Support Questions or you can write the company E-mail, which is also available for your use. Though you should consider that this way received answer could be not full and written unfriendly as the one we received.

Some more advantages

Avahost eases your Internet presence start by means of providing a Web site builder. By means of this service you can get your own site without making any efforts. It makes the solution perfect for beginners and people who have no relevance to programming and web design.


Two of the Avahost plans are based on a large Disc space that makes 15 000 MB for Advanced Plan and 20 000 MB for Platinum plan.


Avahost provides only some standard Web hosting services with no special characteristics that could make Avahost customers’ Internet presence more comfortable. It seems like since the day of the company’s creation its specialists either haven’t been developing and adapting its products for the Web hosting market need or too modest to mansion their achievement.

The company is good for unpretentious users who appreciate simplicity and evidence of suggested services.

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