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Reseller Hosting: How to Earn Money

The main idea of reseller hosting is to try yourself in web hosting business and to make money.

Lately reseller business prospers, Ďcause a lot of people want to be represented on-line and for this purpose create their private and business sites.

There are two types of reseller hosting. They are:

  • Traditional reseller hosting
  • Private label hosting

Traditional (bulk) reseller hosting lies in wholesaling big amount of hosting packages for the lower price and reselling them for the higher price. In this case you wonít be responsible for supporting your clients. All technical issues will be solved by your hosterís support service.

Private label reselling means such kind of reselling activity, when you buy special reseller package and may create and sell your own hosting packages. You may purchase it from any web hosting company that provides reselling plans. After you choose the hosting plan that includes a certain number of webspace, bandwidth and various software applications; you are able to create your own hosting accounts. All hosting packages go with control panel (Helm, cPanel, Plesk, etc.). In your control panel you may allot traffic and webspace and enable/disable different features of the created accounts. You may also set your own prices. If you choose private label hosting you must be ready to solve your customersí problems. Your hosterís customer service supports only your account but not your customersí. Private label hosting is the best way to try yourself in hosting business and to get a valuable experience, especially if you are going to create your own hosting company.

To make profit with reseller hosting you need to have a web site (better thematically connected with hosting, web design, internet-marketing or something like that) and promote it.

As the reputation of your business depends on the reliability of web hosting company, we recommend and They are considered to be one of the most trustful reseller plans providers. Besides, good hosting packages and affordable prices these companies provide resellers with quality and fast support. What does it mean? This means that if you canít solve your customersí problems yourself, you could consult with hostersí support and theyíll help you.

You may try yourself as a reseller with FastNext's reseller hosting plan LinStart-1 for as low as $8.95/mo ($4.95/mo if to pay for 2 years).

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