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Profits With Cheap Web Hosting And Google Analytics

Particularly for the small business owner, maximizing their online presence can be critical to their overall business success. Unquestioningly the first step is to find inexpensive web hosting. Thanks to the proliferation of shared hosting situations, this is more possible than ever. In short, web hosting packages are pretty much a dime a dozen and shared hosting is the most popular kind of hosting available.

In shared hosting, a small hosting firm rents a dedicated server from a larger entity and resells space to clients at cheap webhosting prices. With the cost of hard drives dropping in relation to their size, it is now possible to put more and more sites on a single dedicated server. The average website, even one heavy with graphics, is normally under 1mb in size. (Be aware that any site with databases or dynamic content has special server and platform requirements and will take up more space.)

Critical areas to assess the value you are receiving from a inexpensive web hosting deal are: amount of web space, amount of bandwidth, number of email accounts, and the quality of customer service provided. (Beware cheap webhosting deals that tout unlimited bandwidth. That's a lie because there is no such thing. A site that receive approximately 6000 unique visits a month will draw under 5gb of bandwidth.)

But once the site is established, how do you track its performance? The statistical packages offered through a inexpensive web hosting package may not tell you everything you need to know about who is visiting your site and what the problem areas might be.

Google has not introduced a product that compliments a cheap webhosting budget - it's free. Google Analytics is a sophisticated statistical package to assist website owners in improving their marketing strategies, observing how visitors are using their site, and altering its design accordingly (for instance to correct a navigational bottleneck.)

Unlike statistical packages included with inexpensive web hosting services, Google Analytics comes with a feature-packed control panel to observe single statistical trends or to merge and compare key trends. With its clear and visually enhanced reporting system, Analytics is far and above anything you will receive bundled with cheap webhosting. In addition, the Analytics tracking engine integrates seamlessly with Google AdWords and is available in multiple languages.

To put it bluntly, inexpensive web hosting will do you no good whatsoever if you aren't making money. Google Analytics married with a cheap webhosting package, will allow you to minimize your expenses while maximizing your online presence and profit potential. Integration of Analytics is as simple as pasting the tracking code into your pages. Analytics starts gathering data immediately.

Being online today is a matter of being savvy not just in your specialty but in the manner in which you, your goods, or your services are presented and the ease with which they can be found via the search engines. If your cheap webhosting services don't have the power to help you achieve those goals, get that power through Google Analytics.

The Internet is a rapidly changing environment. Minimizing your costs is one thing but maximizing your profits is just as important. The only way you can track activity on your site and fully understand the resulting traffic patters is with good web statistics. Google, a company renowned for its ability to ferret out information, has provided a free tool that accomplishes this critical business function with ease and elegance.

Doing business on the Internet is increasingly the norm not just in the American economy but around the world. The more you can learn about the online world and the role your site plays in it, the better your chances of earning money there.

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