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Price and Cheap Web Hosting

Price is always a factor in choosing web hosts. You would be fooling yourself if you told yourself otherwise (unless you have lots of money to burn). However, higher prices do not mean that you'll get a good web host. Higher prices do, however, mean that you have a better chance of getting good support, since at least they will have the funds to hire more staff if they wanted to.

There is always a trade-off. At least for me. There's no way I can afford to put all my sites on my "ideal" web hosts. For sites that are not so critical, I am willing to pay a cheaper price at the cost of a little more "down" time and inconvenience than my more important sites.

In general, if you run a business on the web, you would not want to take that kind of risk. Bad support and "down" times have a habit of occurring at the worse possible moments (such as during your peak ordering seasons).

Very often, when people ask me about web hosting, they want to know if I know any cheap but good web host. This particularly applies to those who are just starting their web site and are not willing to sink a lot of money into it.

I only can say You should pay very careful attention to hosting company because cheap web hosting industry is very competitive, go to the forums and chats, ask people and the I'm sure you''ll be choosing the right cheap web hosting company.

Author: Christopher Heng

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