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z555 increased Storage up to 100GB leaving the same price

1.11.2006 recently upgraded their hosting services and introduced the single Unlimited plan. Now they announced about obtaining extra storage.

Z555 has a five-year experience of providing high-quality hosting services. They combine multi-hosting services and great support. Z555's solution is a good choice for those who are looking for goodish hosting conditions.

Now the Unlimited includes 100 GB Storage and 1 TB Traffic. Extra 5 MB MSSQL offer (for Windows) is still valid for all new customers. What about the price? It's left at the same level, so you can pay for your hosting as low as $3.95 per month (4-year billing).

As for OS support, this company provides the both Linux & Windows ones. Moreover, you can use PHP 4 and 5 (with Zend Optimizer), hot RoR, Perl (extra modules installation is free), Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, a personal CGI-BIN directory and other Linux-standard technologies. Windows supported tools give you an access to ASP, and .NET technologies. Z555 provides a set of ASP components, rich multimedia support and high security of data.

Their fresh upgrade gives you more resources at extremely panic price! Just think 100 GB Storage & 1 TB Traffic cost only $3.95/mo. This deal is worth dealing for certain!

For more information please visit z555

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Free domain name!
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5 Tb bandwidth
Unlimited hosted sites
MultiManager control panel
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100 Gb diskspace
1 Tb bandwidth
$3,95/Mo(Free setup)

Visit z555

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