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Today,SuperbHosting.Net, a subsidiary of Superb Internet Corporation, is proud to announce the winner of the 'Win a Wii' contest for December 2007. Every customer that signed up for an account with between December 1st and December 21st was entered into the contest, and on December 21st, Launchfire Interactive was chosen as the contest winner.

"While we strive to ensure our focus is being 'Ahead of the Rest' when it comes to our hosting services and taking care of our customers, it's always fun to be able to reward our customers with something out of the ordinary," notes Curtis R. Curtis, Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing. "Giving away the hottest Christmas gift of the year was definitely out of the ordinary; in fact, just getting one was out of the ordinary. What better way to say thank you, than having to go that extra mile - or thousands of miles - to do so!"

The Nintendo Wii gaming console, the fifth home gaming console released by Nintendo, was the must-have gift for 2007. The unique wireless controller makes it fun for anyone 5-years-old, 85-years-old, or anywhere in between.

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