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Web service is launching its latest update this week: a fully customizable multi-search service that allows users to edit and personalize Sputtr's homepage to create their very own multi-search engine tool.

The new feature offers users the opportunity to build an individual search layout by adding, removing and rearranging existing buttons to serve their personal search requirements and preferences.

"Customers are demanding more and more from their web services. Apart from speed, the generation of selected and condensed information is the key requirement of search engines today. Our customization feature allows customers to use selected search engines that serve their personal search needs," says Sputtr founder and owner Steffen Hilgemann.

In recent weeks, Sputtr has experienced a growing number of requests to add certain search services to its site. "We were unable to add all these requests ourselves, so we had no choice but to take Sputtr to the next level: customization."

The customized pages are accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world - all users need to do is register before creating their custom layout. "Flexibility is crucial for our customers. In today's global world, people travel for work and play and use a variety of PC's and notebooks."

To date, users can choose between 80+ search engines, and the company is aiming at adding new search engines every week over the next few months to create an even more powerful multi-search tool and an ever more flexible service.

"At this point, the new personalization feature is available for our U.S. site only. However, we will be adding the custom option to the international sites over the next few weeks as well," says Hilgemann.

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