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SoUno Bought Domain Name


soUno, LLC, the Internet Yellow Pages provider, has acquired the domain name, under which it plans to relaunch the website, including a new design, for an improved version of the Yellow Pages website.

soUno, LLC purchased the domain name from Ecommerce Gateway headquartered in Pakistan. Ecommerce Gateway has 100% holding rights of US Publishers (Pvt) Limited in Pakistan. The company has been publishing Yellow Pages of Pakistan since 1984 and has owned the domain for over 10 years. The financial terms of the transaction were kept confidential. The new site is scheduled for release early in the second quarter of this year.

''Today marks an important milestone for soUno. soUno has been delivering value to its customers and advertisers through It just makes sense to have a name like 'Internet Yellow Pages' which encompasses our industry. We feel this new name coupled with planned site improvements will serve to increase our online traffic significantly and bring greater value to our advertisers," noted Lynn Mitchell, Founder and CEO of soUno. is an Internet Yellow Pages source based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. soUno (pronounced "So You Know") has about 20 employees and markets Internet Yellow Pages and other Internet Advertising Services to small businesses nationwide.

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