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Earthlink's New Edge Networks Employs Multiple Applications for Retail Sales


PAPYRUS, a retailer of custom printed announcements, greeting cards, gift wrap etc, selected New Edge Networks, a broadband network company, to better operating efficiency and optimize business processes.

To automate previously manual tasks by developing web-based applications, the installation of the high-performance network was a major strategic initiative for PAPYRUS in 2006, based in Fairfield, California. As a result, PAPYRUS turned up its private network for most of its stores just before the start of the last holiday shopping season. Sales were brisk last holiday season for PAPYRUS, a nationwide retailer of high-end custom printed announcements, greeting cards, gift wrap, stationery, and unique gift products.

''We were able to immediately speed up card transaction times from about 30 seconds, using dial-up connections, to less than five seconds with our new network. Short check out lines invite busy shoppers and enable our sales and customer service associates to help our customers celebrate life and all of its moments with meaningful personal expressions. Faster card payment transactions are just the beginning of what we will be able to do with a private network. We view New Edge Networks as a strategic partner in the growth and development of PAPYRUS,'' commented Bob Jellison, Vice President of Information Services for PAPYRUS.

PAPYRUS turned to New Edge Networks for designing, building, and managing a network that links more than 165 stores from California to New York. PAPYRUS initially is using the network for credit card payments, rewards program, real-time sales polling, and email. It is going to expand its use to include Internet telephony, or VoIP, and other store systems or applications starting later this year. For payment processing, PAPYRUS is routing credit card transaction traffic from individual stores directly to its payment processor, First Data Corp., over a private network rather than funneling traffic through its headquarters in Fairfield, Calif., or sending the transactions through the public Internet.

Use of an always on, redundant direct connection eliminates the added monthly communications cost for a retailer to provide a dedicated private circuit to the payment processor. It also eliminates a single point of failure for all stores if their connection goes out of service. New Edge Networks and each payment processor with whom it has direct connections jointly manage direct connections to ensure round-the-clock access and reliability.

Greg Griffiths, Vice President of Marketing for New Edge Networks added, “The DSL-based private network provides PAPYRUS the flexibility and management tools it needs to grow and to differentiate itself in a competitive marketplace. New Edge Networks will continually develop new products and expand network services that will help PAPYRUS expand and exceed its business goals.”

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