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LG Electronics mobile phones features Yahoo! services


LG Electronics has said that they are now collaborating with search Engine Company Yahoo! LG would now include Yahoo! “Go” mobile platform on their higher end mobile devices capable of connecting to the internet.

The agreement between the two companies would see LG pre-loading Yahoo! services on their phones. These services would include Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger.

LG is the fifth largest mobile phone maker in the world and are trying hard to expand their presence in major markets including Europe to enhance their sales.

The company distributed 64.4 million phones during last year.

Interestingly, Yahoo! has already signed up similar deals with other mobile phone makers including market-leader Nokia and number two Motorola.

LG has also said in an announcement that they would also study the possibility of putting Yahoo services on other LG user electronics products.

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