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FOX Rejects Go Daddy Ad Again


Domain registrar and Web hosting provider Go Daddy's ( latest Super Bowl ad was rejected by FOX network last week for using the word "beaver" in the script. Bob Parsons, the founder and CEO of Go Daddy, described the scenario in his blog on Monday, calling into question, again, FOX's approval process and need for political correctness.

Parsons says the ad was put into question because an actor referred to a replica beaver as what it was, a beaver. However, FOX told Go Daddy that under no circumstances could that word be used and that if it was removed, the ad would be approved.

Parsons writes, "Call me old fashioned, but I believe here in America it's ridiculous to have to refer to a beaver (the furry, dam building, rodent-like swimming mammal) by something other than its real name, which happens to be 'beaver.' So I refused to bend and refer to the beaver as 'whiskers' or 'furry friend' or as a 'little engineer that specializes in building small dams.' Darn it. There's simply nothing wrong with calling a beaver, a beaver!"

A second Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial has also been rejected by the board at FOX but the company can't release details surrounding the rejection until negotiations with the network have been settled. However, Parsons is optimistic that Go Daddy will get through the approval process soon.

Go Daddy said last week that its newest Go Daddy Girl, Amanda Beard, will be featured in her own segment on Fox TV's Best Damn Sports Show Period.

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