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Automatic, customizable security for your website


By offering password protection on all Windows Server 2008 hosting products, Easy CGI makes it simple for Websites to selectively restrict access on certain pages to authenticated users only. This is especially useful for virtual stores, and pages that present sensitive account information to users.

Windows Web Hosting Provider, Easy CGI (, now provides a form-based password protection option for all its Windows 2008 hosting products. This feature enables customizable forms authentication for any website, adding an extra layer of security in the sometimes risky online world.

Easy CGI offers this Windows Server 2008 password protection at no extra cost.

Customizable forms authentication makes it possible to selectively restrict access to certain areas, offering some pages of a Website openly to all visitors, while restricting other pages to authenticated users only. When an unauthenticated visitor lands on a restricted page, they are automatically re-directed to a login form or a registration page.

"This provides an optimal, flexible development environment for our customers, which has always been a priority for us," says Dan Richfield, President of Easy CGI,

"Where many other providers still only offer solutions with no method of customization, and often cannot secure all content equally, Easy CGI offers a cutting-edge, fully customizable Forms Authentication solution for all of its Windows 2008 customers."

Microsoft's Windows Server version 2008 with IIS 7.0 offers a more easily configured forms authentication model when compared to older versions. This solution can be configured at any level of a customer's Web site, protecting any type of resource from unauthorized access, without having to change any of the site's existing content. This advanced solution can be easily administered in the customer's Easy CGI Hosting Control Panel.

Some of the common areas where password protection is desirable include the administration pages in your virtual store, an image gallery, an account page (for example, with a phone company or other utility), and other online applications and resources. Easy GGI's solution provides a baseline for developers to customize their own Forms Authentication solution.

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