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As Predicts the UK's Web Hosting Provider Fasthosts, There Will Be Problems for Small Businesses Due to Surges in Website Traffic


Fasthosts, which is the UK's largest web hosting firm, has predicted that UK small businesses has the tendency to miss out on their share of the ?5bn online Christmas spending. The reason for this is that they can't cope with the massive surges in website traffic. As site traffic increases by an average of 200 per cent, websites of small and medium sized enterprise's (SMEs), already creaking due to basic infrastructure are set to collapse.

Fasthosts says that SMEs running their websites on in-house, single server solutions are in danger of driving customers to competitors or larger online traders, because of having slow and unresponsive sites. Broadband is enabling more consumers with faster internet connections than ever, and shoppers are becoming less kind of poorly performing websites.

It is known that half of the UK's adult population used the online shopping for Christmas 2005, and spent an average of ?208 each during the 10-week run-up to Christmas (source: IMRG). So the need for a website to perform well under increased demand is very important.

"As online competition increases, it amazes me that so many SMEs are willing to chance their Christmas sales. Ensuring that your website is supported by the correct infrastructure is vital to provide a quality buying experience" said Stephen Holford, Director of Product Marketing, Fasthosts. "Having the right sort of hosting package is key if businesses are going to reap the benefits of the Christmas revenue window. To make this Christmas a success for SMEs, the right hosting is as important as turkey and mince pies."

Fasthosts' hosting platform which was designed to respond to the individual website's operating needs, - whether powered by a dedicated server or a shared server package - provides businesses with the power to manage the limited amounts of traffic. Scalability at times of high demand is essential for capitalising on peak consumer spending periods. The demonstration of maximum reliability and security make customers not only buy with confidence at Christmas, but during all the calendar year.

The characteristics of The Fasthosts hosting environment in place to deal with surges in website usage are:

  • Multiple, superfluous gigabit internet connectivity with different providers in order to cope with any network connectivity provider outage and ensure optimal internet routing.
  • Load balancing in case of any single web server outage. This means that if one server fails, website traffic can be directed to another fully-operational server.
  • Fully-redundant power supply - in the event of a power-cut, servers have an uninterrupted supply of electricity so they can continue hosting websites as usual without problems, breaks or delays.
  • High availability e-mail provided by use of large mail server clusters which cope transparently with any single mail server outage.
  • 24/7 technical support even on Christmas and New Year's Day helps SMEs keep their online business running and snap up any bargain hunters.

In general about Fasthost

Fasthosts is the UK's largest web hosting company. It is based in the UK, and is operating 24x7 from their dedicated UK data centres. Fasthosts keeps over 1 million domains running freely and ensures over 6 million emails that are delivered safely each day. All Fasthosts services can be self-managed through the award winning Fasthosts web-based control panel. It's a panel that provides customers with unparalleled online control and enable them to manage such hosted services:

  • domain registration,
  • shared web hosting,
  • business-class email,
  • dedicated servers,
  • internet merchant accounts plus unlimited broadband.

Fasthosts' highly successful reseller channel has recently been rated Number 1 for reseller hosting by industry portal Web Host Directory.

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