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Make Money With Cheap Hosting And Affiliate Programs

Setting up a data center, establishing fast connections to the Internet for the mass hosting of websites, and maintaining the facility takes considerable financial capital. Increasingly companies that want to go into the business of providing cheap web hosting rent a dedicated server at the data center of a larger web hosting entity.

Normally dedicated servers are available for $100 to $200 a month. Space on the dedicated server is then in turn rented out to individuals or small companies through cheap web hosting packages. It is not uncommon for someone who requires a dedicated server for an aspect of their own website to turn around and rent out the excess disk space and bandwidth thus effectively going into the business of cheap web hosting. The rent accrued pays for the dedicated server and any surplus is simple profit.

It may be useful to compare this scenario to someone who buys an office building to set up business and then rents the empty rooms to other entities. Having a dedicated server and going into the business of reselling cheap web hosting essentially makes you a cyber landlord.

Bear in mind, however, that as a landlord, you will be called upon to perform services for your clients from time to time. Not everyone who rents your space will be as technologically savvy as you are and you may find yourself being asked to unclog a few stopped up web toilets from time to time.

The people who rent out the cheap web hosting space you offer are getting a "shared hosting" arrangement, which is far and away the most common kind of hosting on the Internet. Normally monthly fees that fall into the range of $1 to $20 a month are regarded as cheap web hosting.

Because you have full control of a dedicated server and assuming that you or your technical staff are conversant in server management, you will be able to offer individual secure server access. Your clients will be able to manage their own websites without compromising your web operations or their security.

Another attractive way to help cover the costs of your dedicated server are web hosting affiliate programs. In a web hosting affiliate program you receive either a flat, one time fee for referring a new client to your host or a percentage cut on your own monthly hosting fees. Most people in web hosting affiliate programs prefer to take a percentage cut as it ups the profits they are receiving from reselling space on their dedicated server.

As an added benefit, some web hosting affiliate programs run two layers deep in the referral process. When you refer a new client you receive either a fee or a percentage.

Then when your referee refers someone you are also rewarded. It is, essentially, a win / win situation.

Just as you will shop around for a hosting provider that gives you the tools and resources you require for your own website (and for those belonging to the people to whom you will be re-selling space), shop for a workable web hosting affiliate program. Such offers are not all created equal. Find the one that will give you the maximum benefit in relation to the other services offered to you by the hosting company.

Taking out a dedicated server, reselling space and bandwidth via cheap web hosting packages, and becoming part of a web hosting affiliate program are excellent ways to augment your income, especially if you are a freelance website designer. This arrangement can also be a profitable second income that can, in time, blossom into a full-time business. Overall, going into the business of offering cheap web space is one of the most viable ways to make money on the Internet.

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