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Virtual Domain

A virtual domain is a domain name associated with a definite IP address, not the primary domain name for that IP address. This means that you may have your domain without having your own IP address. Virtual domain is used by web hosting companies to supply hosting services for web sites whose addresses are not part of the hosting company's domain.

When you are supporting multiple domains on a single server, each domain being served is often referred to as a virtual domain. Different server software implements or defines virtual domains in different ways.

When choosing a web host provider, you aren't limited to use its domain name as part of your URL. The use of virtual domains means that an individual server does not have to exist for each individual domain name.

The advantages of using virtual domains are:

  • It reduces the number of IP addresses required.
  • You can delegate domain administration.
  • You can distinguish between addresses like the following, whereas with domain aliases these two appear to be the same: user@company1.dom

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