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Network Loaction

In a URL, Network location is the unique name that identifies an Internet server. A network location has two or more parts, separated by periods, as in Also called host name. A hostname is the unique name by which a network attached device (which could consist of a computer, file server, network storage device, fax machine, copier, cable modem, etc.) is known on a network. The hostname is used to identify a particular host in various forms of electronic communication such as the World Wide Web, e-mail or Usenet.

Host names are typically used in an administrative capacity and may appear in computer browser lists, active directory lists, IP address to hostname resolutions, email headers, etc. They are human-readable nick-names, which correspond to unique network hardware MAC addresses. In some cases the host name may contain inserted domain names and/or locations, non-dotted IP addresses, etc.

By the first time of the connection to a network, there must be chosen the network location. This automatically sets the appropriate firewall settings for the type of network that the computer is connected to. If one connects to networks in different locations (for example, a network at home, at a local coffee shop, or at work), choosing a network location can help make sure that the computer is always set to an appropriate security level.

There are three types of network locations: Home, Work, and Public place.

Home or Work

One may choose these locations for home or small office networks when he knows and trusts the people and devices on the network. Network discovery, which lets see other computers and devices on a network and allows other network users to see his computer, is on by default.

Public place

It is recommended to choose this location for networks in public places (such as coffee shops, airports etc.). This location is designed to keep the computer from being visible to other computers around and to help protect it from any malicious software from the Internet. Network discovery is turned off for this location.

If a computer is part of a domain, it is impossible to change location type because it is controlled by the network administrator.

It is advised to choice the "Public place" location blocks certain programs and services from running, to help to protect the computer from unauthorized access while it is connected to a network in a public place. If the computer is connected to a "Public place" network and Windows Firewall is turned on, some programs or services might ask to unblock them (allow them to communicate through the firewall) so that they work properly. When the program is unblocked, Windows Firewall unblocks it for every network with the same location type as the network the computer is currently connected to.

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