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Cheap Web Hosting: Bandwidth

Bandwidth describes the amount of data a network can transport in a certain period of time. In other words, bandwidth is a capacity for rate of data transfer.

Every time you use a computer to communicate with another computer via the Internet, you are moving bits of information through various web hosting companies. Some of your Internet activities, such as sending email, use very little bandwidth, while other activities, such as viewing websites with large graphics or listening to streaming audio files, use a lot of bandwidth because you're sending lots and lots of bits.

Bandwidth As Applied To Cheap Web Hosting

In your search for a cheap web hosting company, you will come upon the term bandwidth many times. In general, most companies are referring to the amount of data that you are allowed to transfer per month.

For example, one hosting company might offer an account that allows 5 Gigabytes (GB), also stated as 5,000 Megabytes (MB), of bandwidth per month for a particular cheap web hosting package. If you go over this allocated amount of bandwidth, you are then charged an extra fee per GB over the limit.

It is very important to note that bandwidth is used every time someone visits your website. Each time an image is viewed, or a file is downloaded, or a page from your website is loaded into a browser, a small amount of hosting bandwidth is used. Basically, every time any information is transferred from one person to another using your hosting account, bandwidth is being utilized.

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