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The Speed of the Business Web Site Hosting

The business web site hosting type and its quality naturally make a crucial impact on your Internet presence efficiency and web site popularity. One of its most important aspects is your web site speed.

The web site speed depends on your ISP and its connection to the Internet in particular. Many business web site hosting providers purchase their connection from big backbone providers like UUNET.

Most web hosts use T1 and T3 lines to connect to the Internet. A T1 line can carry roughly 1.5 Mbps while a T3 can carry approximately 43 Mbps. T3 lines provide much more bandwidth and speed availability so it’s better for you to apply for the business web hosting provider that is equipped with such connection.

Leading business web hosting providers use such connection lines that are called “redundant” and ensure customers’ web sites remain active and up even when the primary Internet are temporarily unavailable.

Another aspect that makes your web site efficient is not the connection quality only but its availability too. For this mean some business web site hosting providers offer “Multi Homing” that implies more then one connection to the Internet. In such case your web site remains accessible for people even if one of the connections fails.

Except for the Internet connection the servers your web sites are hosted on should also perform on a proper level. So business web hosting providers should have some backup power supplies, do regular backup of their servers and have high qualified IT stuff that knows how to solve arising problems.

When just choosing or deciding to become some business web site hosting provider’s client display how many web sites the company hosts on its servers and the sites of what nature. As if you are hosted on the server with 100 web sites your site will naturally have higher speed comparing to the ones that are hosted on the server with 200 web sites.

There are some things you can and some you cannot control in business web hosting and your web site speed, for example general Internet slowdowns.

Though there is something you can do about making your pages download faster.

First, be careful with your code as some popular web design programs can do unexpected things to your tables, such as unnecessary nesting, which dramatically increases the size of your web pages.

Secondly, be careful with graphics on your web site. Everyone likes pretty images though they could look nice at a reasonable size. This you can do with help of graphics programs that are designed with the Web in mind, such as Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and Ulead PhotoImpact, Corel Draw 8, and others.

Your web site speed determines whether visitors come back again or even whether they manage to view it at least during the first visit as if it downloads for too long the visitor would switch somewhere else. Keep on mind that the speed of connection is decisive factor when choosing business web hosting provider.

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