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Benefits of clustered hosting

Clustered webhosting provides some more benefits to users in comparison to shared hosting. Let's parallel cluster opportunities and shared hosting operation to our real life.


You know, shared and clustered web hosting might be compared in a funny game. Just like a game with 3 seats and 4 players who complete to take place, shared web hosting providing resources to some users leave others with nothing to do but wait. Clustered hosting looks like you sit on two chairs simultaneously and enjoy the peace. Yeah, nice scenario to relax and watch others to compete for the space to take, isn't it?

Resource Usage.

When your files/sites are hosted in shared hosting environment you put your straw into the public keg and share beer with many others. While clustered hosting is like a drink hat. You can drink your beer from two or more bottles simultaneously, even mix them up to get better taste. Sure you can substitute beer with milk or tea but the principle remains the same: you use CPU, RAM of multiple servers.

Load Balance.

If you were a female, you would be impressed to discover how long a W.C. queue might be! Yeah, it's the exact way shared web hosting looks like. Clustered hosting feels like multiple doors opened to serve users' traffic and balance the load. When you host on shared hosting all requests are sent to a single server while cluster ensures multiple server request processing. Some sites might be served by one server and others - by another one. No need to sweat out. When you access the cluster you are served at once.


Unicycling is definitely funny but when you need to get to another place you will choose a vehicle with more wheels, I guess. If you leave Modesto you'll get Stockton faster if drive bicycle not unicycle. If drive Lamborghini/Bugatti/Ferrari/ your way from Michigan to Denver would feel like a minute; possible speed is really fast. It's an easy-to-learn rule: more wheels - faster drive. If you take a super streamlined train it will take just about an hour to get New York from London. Gotcha! No trains come via Atlantic Ocean. Yet :


What if man's life depended on server maintenance? Heh, skydiving is extremely exciting when everything goes smoothly. When parachute opens in time your life is safe, but what if doesn't: Skydivers are equipped with a reserve parachute to protect themselves against accidents. To provide data safety web cluster is multiple-server built so if one server failure occurs its functions are passed to another one. In this way you web site is always up and available and safe.

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