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Top Shared Hosting Providers

Looking for shared hosting provider, potential customers usually consider 3 factors: features of the offered plans, their price and company's technical support. Selecting our shared hosting award winner, we also analyzed and evaluated these factors. So, here are the companies that we pointed as the providers of the best cheap, feature-rich and reliable shared hosting solutions in May 2008.

Founded in 2001, is a dynamically growing provider of quality hosting solutions such as virtual hosting, private label reselling and managed servers. Company caters to provide online businesses and hosting companies with the latest technology, which doesn't require high level of technical knowledge to run hosting operations.

HostingDepartment is a UK customer oriented web hosting company that was founded in 1998.

Specializing in clustered hosting solutions, Cartika Inc is able to provide clients with the complete range of web hosting solutions from a shared web hosting environment all the way through to and including dedicated, high availability clustered web hosting solutions.

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Editor's choice



Free domain name!
500 Gb diskspace
5 Tb bandwidth
Unlimited hosted sites
MultiManager control panel
$6,95/Mo(Free setup)

Visit FastNext



400 Gb diskspace
4 Tb bandwidth
10 domains
$4,95/Mo (Free setup)

Visit Hostony



100 Gb diskspace
1 Tb bandwidth
$3,95/Mo(Free setup)

Visit z555